Monday, 17 June 2013

How it all started.

 In October 2012, I underwent hysterectomy operation.I was on medical leave and recovering at home.As all my life I have been a busy working mom, I could never enjoy sitting in my lovely garden in the mornings. I also missed out having breakfasts with my family. This was the time I got to stay at home the longest. During my recovery phase , only my husband was with me. My children were all abroad.

I started to have breakfast with my husband. While on the table, I noticed my husband  choked  on his food suddenly. He quickly gulped water and started to eat again.It is a sad story that out different work timings didn't allow us to have meals together mostly. My helper who would cook food and serve him reported that my husband was facing this problem since 3-4 months. 

It was 1st January 2013. I cajoled my husband to visit a gastroenterologist. He was reluctant first , he didn't want to start his New Year visiting a Doctor. Well, we finally agreed and he underwent an endoscopy after a clinical examination. His reports indicated Carcinoma Esophagus.

Back home, I skyped my children. It was a very difficult moment for me to tell them about their father's health. We all cried but promised to keep a brave front for Dad. We knew we have to face this situation bravely and also act promptly, no time had to be wasted.

We were all by ourselves in India at that time.We started to explore good Cancer Hospitals.We have relatives in New Delhi and found out Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.. It was solely dedicated to treatment of Cancer patients.We were lucky to get an appointment.

The hard fact of life is everything comes with a price. Cancer not only attacks your immune system but it also gives you a huge financial bolt. We prepared ourselves mentally and financially as well. Its the point of our lives that we greatly  realized a penny saved is a penny earned. Cancer treatment involves a lot of money.

We reached the hospital. and met the Doctors.They carried out few other  investigations. The hospital staff right from the Junior most to the Senior most were  extremely helpful and kind.I could see God helping me  in  the form of human being .My husband's date of surgery was finalized. My son landed in India and reached straight to the hospital. By that time, my husband was already in the Operation Theater. It was about an 8-10 hours surgery.By God's grace his surgery was successful.

My husband was retained in the hospital for about 12 days. By that time , my youngest daughter had arrived. It was during that time we went for a screening exam. On the day of my husband's discharge, my mammography reports were announced.

Life throws many challenges at you, mostly at the most unexpected times. Do not fear them. Face them, Pursue them and Win over them, God is there, if he has given you troubles, he surely has a solution for them.

The Bhagavad Gita sums it up, 
'Whatever happened, it happened for good. 

Whatever is happening, is happening for good. 
Whatever that will happen, it will be for good. '

           Last year, July 2012, Mussoorie.

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  1. The strength that you, bhaiya & the kids have shown has inspired all who have been part of this journey with whichever small way.