Monday, 1 July 2013

Mind over Matter...

We may not have control over life and death but can develop large physical power and immense psychic power which can help overcome your disease.
God takes us by hand and He walks with us; He talks to us ; and He tells us that we are His own.

My 6th chemo cycle arrived on 24th June. I had mixed feelings- that of relief that this was going to be my last chemo and that of fear of the torture that I would have to endure during the cycle.
I mentally prepared myself to win the battle and gear up for the 28 days of radiation that lay ahead.
I was happy that till now I had won each round that comprised of chemotherapy induction followed by injections to stimulate stem cells, antibiotics and multivitamins. This would the lead to 10 days of rest at home following which I would join my office so that my leaves may continue to accumulate that I could the use in the future in time of need. Equally important for me was to ensure that I continued to draw salary that would come in handy during my radiation.

I am now waiting for two weeks to pass by from when my chemo finished as I would then be allows to resume eating raw fruits and vegetables that I thoroughly missed during my illness.
During my sixth chemo cycle, my Hemoglobin and blood platelets reduced again. I have taken it upon myself to bring back by Hb and Platelet count to normal before my radiation starts by forcing myself to eat. I have to dig deep inside to find the strength to ingest food when every inch of my body resists the sight and smell of food.
Before my discharge from the hospital, the senior radiologist explained the radiation cycles and its procedure so that I could visualize before hand how I was going to spend the five weeks scheduled for the therapy. A chest cast was made that I would be using during radiation. This cast would protect my other healthy organs from the strong radio waves. My therapist forewarned me that my immune will be at an all time low during radio therapy and hence I would have to take special care of hygiene and cleanliness.
When you yearn for God, He will come to you. He is the nearest of the near….Dearest of the dear. 

Just like the previous chemo cycle, this time too  my husband and I were put in the same hospital suite along with our two children.
 All that time,I  prayed to the Almighty through my Guruji to reduce the suffering of my husband. His children have been with him for the past six months and have shared the suffering with us, emotionally, physically and professionally. I wish my husband shared my appreciation for meditation and self prayer.
Herbert Benson, Md Havard Medical School in 1987 said “ Through meditation you can set the stage for important mind and habit altering brain change. Scientific research has shown that electrical activity between the left and right side of the brain becomes cooridinated during certain kinds of meditation and prayer. Through these processes the mind definitely becomes more capable of being altered and having its capacities maximized. Changed life and changed actions follow. The implications are exciting…even staggering.
These entire six months, I continued to pray for my husband’s recovery .Mental strength is of paramount importance as a method of self healing because mind is the governor of all living cells in our bodies. The mind and body are wonderfully related. Many people can be healed by mere suggestion. Will power and energy are important. They are the real creators of the body. They rouse energy which is cause of healing. When we continue to practice visualize of healing, you may find that your thoughts start to materialise.
I am looking forward to going back to Dehradun. I love my Doon, its beauty during rains, the climate and its people who still retain the small town innocence.

Now I will prepare myself for the radiation cycle in two weeks time.


  1. God is always with you, in different forms...

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  3. Its a cliché but so apt for you: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." What amazing strength have you & the family shown in the face of such adversity.
    Love you & with you, always...

    1. Dear Mamta,
      You all have been our support.Thank you for whatever you have done for us.

  4. We are proud of you mum and dad.

    We have observed the power of Meditation and concentration helping you in your journey. You were fearless and always ready.You were sharp in your reflexes and most times ahead of us in planning.

    It is important for each of us to find and build on our source of inspiration and strength...something that is not perishable and independent of time and place.And work on it from an early age because adversity doesn't know age and time.

    Love my parents for imparting us with some of these lifesaving skills.


  5. dear rohini and rahul god bless both of you
    so dear one never be treacherous to any one and whenever you see treachery, correct that person and refuse him cooperation or support in his wrong doing.