Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thank you all.

The month of August 2013 was very important. I was to finish the last leg of the treatment.My youngest daughter helped her mum dad all alone,daily hospital routine and regular  home care.She helped us in our journey..August 3 was my eldest daughter's b'day and the 17th August my son's. They celebrated their birthdays in Australia and sent us cakes to cherish their celebrations here in India. We had great fun and frolic. 

Each day of radiation was accountable.I counted my days to finish with radiation.After the 20th cycle, I was given electron therapy without the cast for 3 consecutive days. That gradually burnt my chest, axilla and neck area.The radiation oncologist examined me everyday. He advised some anti inflammatory medicines.My doctors team right from the surgeons to the medical and radiation oncologists were very kind and caring .The staff and  nurses were very considerate .Doctors therapeutic approach helped me to tolerate the radiation.

At last, I reached the last cycle day succcessfully .I was thrilled with the idea of going back to Dun with my family. Recovery would be gradual but the sense of normalcy dawned on me.

 I was referred back to the medical oncologist.I underwent a DEXA scana and few blood tests.Accordingly, he prescribed me hormone therapy for the next five years. 

The hormone therapy medicines are also very costly.I wondered why we have to shell so much money for illnesses and why not for some good cause.I could have helped someone needy .This expense pinched me, but I realized, whatever God is doing,it is for my betterment..This was probably a result of some karma of my past birth.In this birth I am sure I haven't done any wrong to anyone knowingly or unknowingly. Within my means I have helped needy people.I aim to live pure and die pious.So God, is banishing my bad old karmas. Now I am more purified mentally and physically.This will help me in self realization goal of life.

We write our own destiny and we become what we do.During my journey, I thanked the Almighty for giving me and my family the strength to bear it

I thank all my family,relatives,friends,neighbors and all those who prayed for our quick recovery.My heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital;.They all are beautiful souls.My gratitude to Mahaavtar babji and Paramhansa Yoganandaji who were with me all through this journey.

Monday, 26 August 2013


Within a week  of my radiation, my right hand and fingers swelled up. It was due to the lymph nodes removal of the right axilla. I also had immense pressure at the center of my chest, same as I felt after my operation, probably again due to seroma collection.My doctor re enforced the need of exercise and prescribed me medicines for a week.In addition to this, the acid re flux was playing up.I had dry cough and irritation in the throat. Antacid curbed that effect to great extent.General body pain and bone pain was constant.I had restless nights.I felt terrible but was determined to overcome

My feet had given up and I did not have enough stamina to walk. I had to do something about this. My daughter would bring me my morning cup of tea and turn on the television for me. I would watch Yoga program and do simple exercises on the bed.This improved my body circulation.
As for my appetite, I found little sweet to be extreme.Everything tasted metallic.I tried to eat all 3 meals .I maintained hydration.. lemonade and buttermilk were refreshing.

After 2 weeks , doctor added L- glut amine powder to my list. It is supposed to improve immunity.

Physically, I felt very weak but mentally I was strong. I meditated three times a day for one hour each.Meditation elevated my mood and gave me tolerance to bear the torturous effects of radiation.My two children who are in Australia called me daily.My youngest daughter was always by my side.She took me to the hospital daily and at home cared for me like a child.I prayed to the Almighty to make me alright soon so that I could pamper my children again.Today if we are here it is because of the great care and love of my children and my husband's sister's family.Everyone in the family too utmost care of us.A very happy family environment kept our morale high.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Love and Care

Help others with your smile.
Beside medical treatment there was a great role of nutritional and emotional care. House no. 313, Paschim Vihar ,Delhi ,  where we were putting up during our span of treatment at my husband’s sister and her family, took great care of us and my children. I pay my gratitude to her, her husband, her cute daughter and of course everyone in their joint family. Words cannot describe the love and continuous support we received from them.
Their house had harmonious vibrations. None can carry on without mutual help. God made my husband’s sister and family to help us as best as they can.

Radiation day arrived on the 15th July. Few blood tests and Ultrasound were done. The Medical oncologists approved my reports and referred me to Radiation Oncologist. The Radiation Oncologist, explained to me all about my treatment plan. It was decided to give me 28 radiations, IGRT Image-guided radiation therapy, daily except for weekends.
This time, after my 6th chemo I had not recovered my physical stamina. I could hardly walk or exercise. My Right hand had swollen up and was tender, my feet and toes felt numb. I had restless nights. Gentle circulatory movements and massage would provide some relief.
On my first visit to the Radiation oncologist a cast was prepared to protect the other organs. Hospitalization was not required. My daughter accompanied me daily to the hospital. We left at 8:30 In the morning. The doctor and his team was extremely courteous ad supportive. During this course of radiation my hand swelling increased. I had pain in my fore arm and upper arm. My bone pain increased in hip joint and both lower legs .I tried walking but my feet were numb. Pain killers didn’t help much but aggravated GERD problem. My daughter made me exercise three times a day and maneuvered lymphatic drainage.

My husband’s sister took utmost care of us. She would specially prepare non spicy meals for us. Her husband ensured that the pantry was always full . Their beautiful daughter never irked about us taking over her room. We are indebted to them for their love , support and care in all times. May God bless them with all the happiness of the world.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Where there's a will,there's a way.

 Whoever wants to develop will power must have good company.You must associate  with those with great will power and concentrate upon your thoughts.

Life is very tricky and we must deal with it. Meditation helps to focus your thoughts and make contact with Him. Tell him your problem, your desires, your ambitions. Promise him that you are willing  to work towards your goal.Seek His guidance.He will give you the right thought and make you do the right thing.

Being practical and earnest in your prayers enforces on our will power.Prayers are magical.Pray with full concentration, with all your heart and soul and it will manifest .Behind your will power is Divine will that can never fail.We have within  us the power to accomplish everything we want.

Sri Sri Parmahansayogananda says,'if your determination is so strong, even if something does not exist  in this universe some unknown forces come and create those conditions for you.'