Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thank you all.

The month of August 2013 was very important. I was to finish the last leg of the treatment.My youngest daughter helped her mum dad all alone,daily hospital routine and regular  home care.She helped us in our journey..August 3 was my eldest daughter's b'day and the 17th August my son's. They celebrated their birthdays in Australia and sent us cakes to cherish their celebrations here in India. We had great fun and frolic. 

Each day of radiation was accountable.I counted my days to finish with radiation.After the 20th cycle, I was given electron therapy without the cast for 3 consecutive days. That gradually burnt my chest, axilla and neck area.The radiation oncologist examined me everyday. He advised some anti inflammatory medicines.My doctors team right from the surgeons to the medical and radiation oncologists were very kind and caring .The staff and  nurses were very considerate .Doctors therapeutic approach helped me to tolerate the radiation.

At last, I reached the last cycle day succcessfully .I was thrilled with the idea of going back to Dun with my family. Recovery would be gradual but the sense of normalcy dawned on me.

 I was referred back to the medical oncologist.I underwent a DEXA scana and few blood tests.Accordingly, he prescribed me hormone therapy for the next five years. 

The hormone therapy medicines are also very costly.I wondered why we have to shell so much money for illnesses and why not for some good cause.I could have helped someone needy .This expense pinched me, but I realized, whatever God is doing,it is for my betterment..This was probably a result of some karma of my past birth.In this birth I am sure I haven't done any wrong to anyone knowingly or unknowingly. Within my means I have helped needy people.I aim to live pure and die pious.So God, is banishing my bad old karmas. Now I am more purified mentally and physically.This will help me in self realization goal of life.

We write our own destiny and we become what we do.During my journey, I thanked the Almighty for giving me and my family the strength to bear it

I thank all my family,relatives,friends,neighbors and all those who prayed for our quick recovery.My heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital;.They all are beautiful souls.My gratitude to Mahaavtar babji and Paramhansa Yoganandaji who were with me all through this journey.

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