Sunday, 27 October 2013

Happy Days are here again!!

Its been two months  since my radiation.Life has some normalcy.I have recovered my stamina. I went on excursions with my kids,  random shopping, routine of  office,maintenance of the house  and looking forward to the festive season of Diwali.

My kids love my new look. My youngest one has been contemplating to get a hair do like mine.The wig was discarded soon . My irradiated area has healed. I have adapted to a healthy lifestyle.I like to do my normal household chores, Play with my dogs( Dharma and Laddu)  and Dharma loves to play ball with me.My daughter drives  me around the city and we have occasional treats. I drive to the office myself.My husband is recovering as well and is a helpful hand.He needs a lot of care and pampering from us.Men will be men.

My tongue still feels bland.Nails color has improved but they have become brittle.In the evening my daughter and I exercise. It helps me to relieve my body aches. Food is essential; for the sustenance of the physical body.It also influences one's mind.A pure diet produces a pure mind.If you feed on right food, you can become virtuous and efficient.

I have affirmed to do everything that it takes to live a happy and a healthy life. I would never want my family to suffer again on our health grounds. Its your life and you have to take charge and responsibility of it.

God bless you all.Keep healthy and happy.

My new look.

                                                            Just before leaving for work.

                                           Family time..missing my elder daughter...


  1. wow.... ur lukin perfect now... :) very happy fr u... :) :) :)