Friday, 6 December 2013

Sunny days !

I have recovered 90% in my physical and emotional strength .Although my husband developed some health problem which keeps me busy whole day . He still requires baby like attention .

We went for our checkup to Delhi .I got my port removed with a thought that  I will not require it in the future for any chemotherapy.Mentally I have  prepared  my self that in the  future no other any of my body part will ever get affected.

My oncologist has called me now after three month during that time some tests like mammography ultrasound  ,bone screening will take place.I am asked to continue medicines and he added pregbolin tablet for the numbness I feel in my feet.

I have developed my taste buds.I have started attending patients and now stay for  six hours in my department .I do not feel tired. I feel proud when my new patient can not make out my suffering rather I  have started looking smarter then earlier.I enjoy house hold work I take interest in gardening. Along with my gardener we are planting winter flowers saplings.

It is beautiful to be sitting in the garden. Days are very sunny. It is heaven to be in Dehradun . These days marigold and chamelia flower is in full bloom.

 I always used to chant my gurujees song ,"oh life is sweet and death a dream when thy song flows through me '.Now I under stand how true it is.


  1. its gr8 to see you healthy n happy aunty.... uncle will be in perfect health soon... :) :) enjoy the sunny days... :)

  2. U r a truefighter

  3. Thank you ABhishek and Megha.May God bless you!