Friday, 21 March 2014

My husband- 22/10/1952- 25/02/2014

On 31st December,2012,I was having breakfast with my husband in my sunny beautiful lawn,I noticed he rubbed his chest , gulped coffee and again started to eat. I asked him since when he was having this problem, he answered casually,it occurs often. I am a  Physiotherapist , by profession and  my husband, a businessman,  had very different  work timings.My early morning timings never allowed me to have breakfast with my husband.His lunch was always in the office. Due to my own health problems,I avoided dinner and never really noticed his eating pattern.

My husband was a tall,handsome and a well built man.He weighed 95 kgs. He would wear his favorite hat and go for early morning walks without fail. He was always well dressed,he had bought new clothes as he was losing weight.We all praised him for his stamina too walk and the fact he was getting into shape. Lest we knew,it was his cancer killing him slowly.

On 1st Jan,2013, I took appointment of the gastroenterologist  for my husband. He was so reluctant , he said ," you want to spoil my new year?". A endoscopy revealed a mass at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach.The biopsy doubted carcinoma. A series of investigations followed. I was all by myself in Dehradun. My three children were in Australia.I was not very internet savvy but used to skype with my youngest daughter daily who had recently gone abroad. I googled for the best of  cancer hospitals. Shortlisted Medanta,Delhi, Tata Memorial and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research. Then I skyped with the kids to break the news to them.It was very difficult.

Luckily, through my husband's cousin sister, we got a quick appointment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Delhi.A very efficient team of doctors took over.The endoscopy was repeated. Within ten days,my husband underwent PET scan, Ultrasound, Blood tests, Chest Xrays etc. The reports showed Carcinoma at the junction of esophagus and stomach.. I immediately informed my children and they confirmed their tickets.

We never left hope.....we were ready.

                                            In Happier Times

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  1. It's a beautiful picture of you two.It was just yesterday when papa and you asked me and Rahul to come on Skype.We thought you just wanted to chat as it was New Year 2013.Never did we imagine that you were going to give us the news about dad's diagnosis.There too you both were so gentle, papa had the biggest smile on his face and said'main ek dum fit to, don't worry'.Love you Papa, we have big shoes to fill in.