Monday, 24 March 2014

My husband, my strength.

My husband's surgery was decided to take place on Friday.He got admitted a day before.I was the only one besides him at the time.My son Rahul was to arrive from Australia on Saturday.I did not let myself shatter mentally, instead prepared myself for it.Luckily, the doctors had to postpone his surgery by a day which meant that Rahul would be by my side when my husband would be wheeled to the operating theater.

My husband was a very handsome figure.He would dress up in his well ironed suit,polished shoes and his mustaches were long and curled up.He received compliments all his life from by-passers and strangers.He was a believer of 'quality not quantity' and this is what he taught his kids too.When I would accompany him to the hospital visits, the doctors and nurses would look at us and ask us where the patient was.They used to be stunned in disbelief when I pointed at him.My husband was very innocent, he never realized the extent and seriousness of his disease.He believed, the surgery would fix everything and life would be as normal as before.He had in in 59 years never needed any medical attention.

Morning of surgery arrived.At 7 we wheeled him to the OT.Docs said they may us robotic techniques as well.The estimated costs of admission and surgery was given to me.It was certainly a big amount and if one does not have savings and financial stability then that would add further strains in these tough times.I wish to advise people to save for adversity as you never know when the tables turn.

At 2PM some people started pouring in but my eyes were only searching for my son.I felt for him as I thought of the stress he may be going through in his travel.As he walked in, I hugged him and cried and said to him ' look at your papa's name on the TV scroll, it says Surgery under way'. We silently kept sitting and praying for my husband's successful surgery.At 6:30pm, we finally  heard from the surgeon saying the surgery was successful and that we could get a glimpse of Mr. Nayyar, as he would be wheeled to the ICU.And we did, I said congratulations.

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  1. and you were his biggest strength :) keep writing pls.. its lovely to read.. reminds of some of the toughest times but you've been such a strength to all.. hats off to you :) you are a true fighter and we are all so so proud of you!! love, Vani