Monday, 26 August 2013


Within a week  of my radiation, my right hand and fingers swelled up. It was due to the lymph nodes removal of the right axilla. I also had immense pressure at the center of my chest, same as I felt after my operation, probably again due to seroma collection.My doctor re enforced the need of exercise and prescribed me medicines for a week.In addition to this, the acid re flux was playing up.I had dry cough and irritation in the throat. Antacid curbed that effect to great extent.General body pain and bone pain was constant.I had restless nights.I felt terrible but was determined to overcome

My feet had given up and I did not have enough stamina to walk. I had to do something about this. My daughter would bring me my morning cup of tea and turn on the television for me. I would watch Yoga program and do simple exercises on the bed.This improved my body circulation.
As for my appetite, I found little sweet to be extreme.Everything tasted metallic.I tried to eat all 3 meals .I maintained hydration.. lemonade and buttermilk were refreshing.

After 2 weeks , doctor added L- glut amine powder to my list. It is supposed to improve immunity.

Physically, I felt very weak but mentally I was strong. I meditated three times a day for one hour each.Meditation elevated my mood and gave me tolerance to bear the torturous effects of radiation.My two children who are in Australia called me daily.My youngest daughter was always by my side.She took me to the hospital daily and at home cared for me like a child.I prayed to the Almighty to make me alright soon so that I could pamper my children again.Today if we are here it is because of the great care and love of my children and my husband's sister's family.Everyone in the family too utmost care of us.A very happy family environment kept our morale high.