Friday, 23 August 2013

Where there's a will,there's a way.

 Whoever wants to develop will power must have good company.You must associate  with those with great will power and concentrate upon your thoughts.

Life is very tricky and we must deal with it. Meditation helps to focus your thoughts and make contact with Him. Tell him your problem, your desires, your ambitions. Promise him that you are willing  to work towards your goal.Seek His guidance.He will give you the right thought and make you do the right thing.

Being practical and earnest in your prayers enforces on our will power.Prayers are magical.Pray with full concentration, with all your heart and soul and it will manifest .Behind your will power is Divine will that can never fail.We have within  us the power to accomplish everything we want.

Sri Sri Parmahansayogananda says,'if your determination is so strong, even if something does not exist  in this universe some unknown forces come and create those conditions for you.'

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  1. Mum. ..thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom with us.Blessed.