Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Food and Nutrition

  Today, I would like to share my experience post chemo cycles.

 As you know I resume with my cycles in every 21 days, the very first week after chemo is the one I find the most difficult to bear.I lose appetite and at times feel nausea tic. My doctor has prescribed me medications for the same but since I am also a GERD patient, its an aggravated response. I would like to share the diet  I follow, its a diet I have designed as per my body needs. You may have a similar problem , always discuss it with your doctor and dietitian and  plan accordingly.

 About an year ago, prior to my treatment, I had developed strong aversion to smell or odor . My husband couldn't spray his favorite perfume while we attended weddings . I also couldn't bear the smell of food cooking in the kitchen. I would close my kitchen door while my help would prepare meals.
I was firm to keep my hemoglobin and platelets count adequate. I did not want to miss any of chemotherapy cycles as per scheduled.. I had to take charge of my body .In spite all difficulties, I made up my mind to eat well.
Mornings Breakfast-
1 cup of milk with protein supplement as prescribed.Semolina ( Sooji) pancakes/Puffed rice/mixed vegetables prepared in salt and water only, /sprouts of green gram and chickpeas/ idlis
Plenty of water, coconut water.Soups

Boiled rice and 1 bowl of lentils , 1 bowl of green vegetable,1 glass of buttermilk

Since fruits were barred, I  boil apples and eat. Soups  again in the evening.At  times I boil banana in milk, it tatstes yummy.

Sand which/ vegetable- 1 bowl

My family ensures I eat on time. I do not find taste in food but I do not fuss. I eat to live. I would like to encourage people fighting cancer to eat. Its an important aspect of getting cured. If we co operate, it will also lessen our family's stress. If we stay positive and work towards our health, it re affirms our faith and hope. We need to create strong positive vibrations around us . Be brave and be positive.

I am aware my body is prone to infection. I avoid going to crowded places. I do not allow any visitor to meet me directly.They are  first requested to remove their shoes and wash their hands . I have even  requested my close relatives to meet me once my entire treatment is finished. Thankfully, they all have been very understanding.

Interacting with people becomes exhaustive and tiring now. They en quire about my health over the phone or through mails. I have finished with my 5th cycle but I have refrained myself  from meeting even my own sisters. I love them a lot and I know they are thoroughly concerned about my health and well being. They have been the most understanding at this time. We yearn to see each other but we have to wait.

 For now, my world is only my children and my husband.

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  1. Yes I would like to emphasize on some of the point made by mum here.

    First and foremost, diet is the only key to recovery post chemo.As it is expected, the blood cells count drops down because the chemo drug is designed to kill all fast multiplying cells..and blood cells are not spared either.

    Foods rich in protein for e.g. Soyabean, milk, lentils, egg white, sprouts, cheese, custard,yogurt should be s must.If you are unable to eat much solids, supplement your diet with protein formulas under your dietitian's supervision.

    Plenty of fluids please.You may have buttermilk, juice diluted with water, soups, coconut water etc.Just ensure hygiene and having packed juices please consume within same day of opening.

    Family and carers need to play a very important role here.We need to give constant encouragement to our loved one undergoing treatment.Cook them fresh food daily, make it to their taste and requirement.They may not tolerate spicy food or salt.They may be put off by too much quantity.So keep it simple but be creative so that our loved onr developes interest in food.Give them small frequent meals.Give them variety. Get them a drink ever 1-2hrs.

    I noted mum dad ate well when they were given quiet environment...like in their room with minimal people and distractions.This may work for some.

    Show you care!!! In simple actions like taking interest in their nutrition. It makes a lot of difference to their emotional state.Make them feel loved and wanted.

    Sometimes we may get frustrated or angry when things aren't going the way we want them to. But persevere because it does get better, it is just a matter of time.There is light at end of the tunnel, beleive.