Saturday, 1 June 2013

 The cold winters of Doon never deterred my spirit to water my lush green garden and the beautiful roses,daisies and lilies adorning my sidewalk.I have always been a busy person as my children would put it, but I feel I am an active person who believes in making  the most of her time, utilize your energy and time in doing and giving the best you can.I meditate regularly, its my  biggest asset.Meditation has played a pivotal role in my life.I have three grown up children and a wonderful supportive husband.I am a Physiotherapist for the last 25 years. This is my story of Change, acceptance and will power.

 My 27 yrs old daughter and I went in for a  routine screening breast examination. A mammography followed and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer . This was the beginning of Change. I took things in my stride and quickly went to get the rest of my investigations done.The doctor who saw my report asked me to get admitted the next day itself.The acceptance of my Cancer was prompt.I did not think much.I work only with my spiritual strength.

As I laid on my operation theater, I said, ' God, its not my body , its your body, this operation is performed on you not me'.My team of Doctors were god sent.After 2 hours, my doctor patted my cheek and said,'Lajja ,wake up'. I was suprised, I thought the operation was yet to begin, as my surgeon smiled at me and said, the procedure(  modified radical mastectomy) was successful. My entire breast ,right side was removed along with the lymph nodes. I was shifted in the ICU for one day.

The next day , I was discharged home. Two tubes running down from my right side for drainage, I came home.I thanked God for giving me the strength and support. I thanked him for strengthening the bond in  my family, for all the love , care and compassion. We are together in this battle.We are one again. 


  1. Mum, firstly congratulations on starting your own blog.Cheers to our technofriendly mum.

    Secondly, but most importantly, I have always told myself 'I want to be like mum, get her grit and will power'.Growing up under your wings I always saw the immense determination in you to do good for others and the needy, even if that put you in a disadvantage. I saw a fearless woman in you and I remember you say 'there is nothing to fear if you do no wrong and mean no wrong'.

    Mum you have stood up to every challenge that like has bowled towards you.Not only dealt with them but also lifted others who got blown away by the pressure.

    Be it a relatively moderate task of picking up musical instrument, learning to drive or taking up new roles of leadership to something as serious as being an advocate for dad during his fight with cancer, and then not long after your own fight with it, you have dared them all.

    Where do you get this strength from, I know not.I am just so glad that you do.Because on your strength and positivity,we thrive. Because we know nothing can go wrong because mum is there.

    We all kids are very fortunate to have you and dad in our lives.You have taught us to be independent and dad has fueled us with love and kindness.


  2. Ma,

    Us humans are mere mortals but we tend to live our lives as immortals. We all like to believe that the good times will never end and when they do we end up being stranded like deer caught in the headlights.

    When cancer struck you and Dad earlier this year, I lost faith in Him. How could two finest human beings I know could ever face such adversity. I was the deer in the headlights. That was six months ago.

    Six months later, I have regained my faith, albeit not in Him but in human perseverance, the power of human spirit to turn adversities on its head and that powerful antidote of all miseries called unconditional love. All thanks to you.

    You are the strongest person I know and inspire us every moment to look beyond our little cocoons and keep fighting for whats just and right.

    The good news is that you will come through this very soon and will inspire many others along the way to pull out of their own personal struggles.

    The bad news is....well there is no bad news in any of this! And this is what I learnt from you.


  3. Wow! Love how you write and your spirit! God bless you for taking this step and opening your heart to us through this blog. Please keep sharing. I am a cancer survivor and I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2009 after cancer diagnosis and treatment (with chemo and radiation). I had breast cancer on my right side too. They took my right breast and lymph nodes out. But later, I found out, through genetic testing, that I am BRCA1 positive. I had to go through bilateral mastectomy to lower my chances of recurring breast cancer. I am still waiting to get my ovaries taken out to prevent ovarian cancer. But I am going to wait till I graduate with a Masters in Communication.
    Hats off to you Lajja! Please keep writing.

    1. Dear Shikha,thanks for joining in.good to know we have a cancer Survivor here.I want people to deal with this change without losing heart.You have survived a tough phase.god bless you.

  4. Love you mum, you are my hero.

  5. Hi:

    I read your blog with interest. I am curious, Lajja, if you are Lajja Nayyar nee Sharma, a girl who was my class mate in occupational therapy program from IPH Delhi. Please solve the mystery.

    Ashok Jain.