Sunday, 9 June 2013

Heal and Deal!

It took almost a month's time for my operated site to heal.The drains were off and the sutures were removed. As a common complication after MRM surgery, I had seroma accumulation at my operated site.The doctors advised me few exercises and I gradually got rid of that as well. 

While I was in the hospital for my regular OPD, I interacted with fellow breast cancer fighters/survivors. Few complained of frozen shoulder and edema in hand and arms. They had to design their blouses accordingly. I was very cautious and discussed it with my doctors. One thing I follow and would advise every patient is to be proactive. Never feel shy in discussing even the slightest query with your doctor.I understand there is a lot of information Mr. Google can shed but do not rely on it completely.I have been doing regular exercises to avoid edema and frozen shoulder.I am also a GERD patient and despite of all the discomfort I never delay my exercises. I wear a compression stocking as prescribed by the doctor.Regular walks are a part of my routine.

 My doctors discussed my treatment plan with me. They very well explained me the pros and cons of the protocol.The plan is designed to give me six cycles of chemotherapy after every 21 days.Radiation is also in the list after I finish with my sixth cycle.During the course of the therapy I am barred to have any raw food. Since chemo and radiation will also target my healthy cells, my immunity is lowered.I have o be extremely cautious of my nutrition and prevent any kind of infection as my body is now vulnerable.

 Before my first cycle I prepared my body to beat all odds. I used to stroll slowly but I would complete my goal of one hour.I maintained my diet.My family and friends have taken utmost care of my diet .They ensured I ate timely and my diet was full of juices , soups and greens.They always encouraged me and motivated me. 

We would read a chapter everyday on Positivity and Optimism.My daughters would join me and we would watch health programs.In the mornings the three of us would do breathing exercises and Pranayam. This helped them as well.It reduced our stress levels and refreshed our mind and soul. My children never expressed any stress or tension , but a mother is a mother. I ensured they are eating well and also have some recreational activity.Throughout this journey my three angels are totally devoted to us and it is their love which encourages me everyday. 

 My first chemo day arrived.I was taken in a minor operation theater, where the doctors inserted a chemoport on my chest on the left side.It was an hour's procedure performed under local anesthesia. I was to avoid sleeping on my left side. I already couldn't do on my right.I somehow manage that by placing pillows and cushions on my sides.I was scheduled to be admitted in the hospital only for two days. I was given a combination of cytotoxic drugs, Fluracil being the main drug.

 In about 2 hours my therapy was over. I felt fine. I did as my doctors had advised. I had plenty of fluids and rinsed my mouth regularly with mouthwash( to prevent mucositis). All went well until in the evening I had severe nausea and vomiting.I was kept in the hospital for further two days on i.v. medicines and fluids. I knew my GERD problem flared up due to chemo. I was scared of this experience.I had five more to go in the following months.The doctors planned to give me a strong anti emetic injection prior to my next chemo. 

Well, I was more than happy when I was discharged.I was with my family again. I had the will power to fight on. As Richard E. Grant said, 'Never give up. You only get one life. Go for it!'

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  1. I hope that many are able to take cue from your experience and be very careful about their health.