Monday, 3 June 2013

Thank you all for your love.I hope my story motivates you all.Heed to your body symptoms. Act in time. You are the master of your body. Take responsibility.

 So what comes after operation? You may think complete bed rest. Partly true.My motto was to take cancer as any other disease.I was still capable .I bathed myself taking care of my sutures.My daughter insisted to measure the drainage tube fluid,I felt my little girl would have to go through unnecessary trouble u,I would hold them and measure myself.

The love for my family pushed me forward.I am determined to cure myself so I can look after my family like before. The docs advised me not to work with my right hand for a month, so what ,my left was good.I was thrilled to prepare early morning tea for my husband! I had lost my appetite, yet I forced myself to eat greens and soups.My daughter would hold my tubes and we would walk .we as a family grew closer.

 When people,neighbors come to know that so and so got diagnosed with cancer,they think its the end of the world.It is not.I behave like a normal individual, dress nicely, look after myself. I never wanted people to look at me and say oh she's a cancer patient.

 I went for my review in a week,I counseled women in the waiting area about breast examination. once you forty its important you get a mammography done.Breast cancer has a good prognosis.along with science, you can heal yourself with positive attitude.

Think you are healing and you are healed.I t is a test of God. Pray to Almighty along with medical treatment and one day you will be cancer free.


  1. Can I say it was a nice feeling to see mum prepare dad's favourite dishes now and then.It made life seem normal again. Even though she may have had aversion from smell or sight of food (this is a side effect of chemotherapy that can last few days to a week after chemo cycle), she lightened up the moments by such acts.

    Mum has been fiercely independent in her aftercare.She looked after her drains, her sutures and medications (a huge list of vitamins, anti nausea and pain tablets prescribed by docs on discharge) and completed her exercises daily.Basically did everything the could manage single handedly.

    Do not underestimate the amount of rest that is required.Initial days required a lot of TLC.