Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Mr.Nayyar grew quieter day by day. He would get exhausted speaking for a little while only. He was silently bearing his pain. When a phone call would come,he would ask us to just tell them he is doing fine.He did not want to send any panic attacks. Many wanted to come and visit him. But he did not want anyone to witness him in such a state.

He ate scarcely. He sat outside for sometime. Then he would lie down on the mat with bolsters. He was never in a comfortable position. We arranged a back rest for him.It did not provide him much relief.He was quiet.. His bore grim expressions. He would sit outside in the garden with his eyes closed.We would give him hot oil massages. He was quietly bearing all the sufferings.

The nodules did not grow in number or size . They were not painful. He could not stand in the bathroom for long. He sat on a chair and shaved.  He took precautions not to cut  on the nodules but inevitably he would get a cut. We would dab some beta-dine on it. He bathed and dressed up himself. Somewhere he was relieved that the FNAC reports were negative. We had not disclosed to him the truth yet. We encouraged him to be happy. Rahul and Rohini would regularly skype with him. Rohini would encourage him to walk, eat and suggest him some physio. He liked talking to them.

One day he decided to go to office. He took a bath, shaved and shampooed. His body was mostly bones. To cover up he dressed himself in layers. His long mustache gave some volume to his face. He wore a warm cap and put on his black jacket.He was feeling happy. We were hopeful.It was Lohri that day.
We hope and prayed for a miracle. May god be kind and may the
flames of  Lohri engulf all our sorrows and miseries.  

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