Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Strength in togetherness.

A week passed away but the pain did not subside. Rohini and Rahul  were worried. Miles apart they still made sure that we are doing fine.I feel truly blessed to have children like Rahul , Rohini and Reha. Rahul and Rohini left their jobs for months and came to India to look after us. I also appreciate their work place ,  bosses and fellow colleagues for being considerate towards them. It was equally difficult for my children. Life had turned upside down.Meanwhile Rohini got her tickets booked

In a few days, Mr. Nayyar and Reha went to  see the oncologist again for biopsy of the nodules. . He was in pain . The doctor canceled the biopsy and prescribed few painkillers. With Mr. Nayyar waiting outside,  he told Reha that he is certain that the cancer has returned . While she debated with him for another round of chemotherapy or radiation,  the doctor was of the opinion that it would be futile. She was heartbroken when the doctor said just take him home and inform your relatives.

Mr. Nayyar as too weak to travel.We had to do something about it. He said to me , 'ask Rahul to come now.' I could sense things getting worse. He grew quieter. He continued to vomit. His monthly review at Rajiv Gandhi Hospital was in about two weeks. I had heard of a 107 years old man in Alwar who cured cancer with herbal treatment. It was one last chance we had. One morning , I told him, we are going to Delhi. We booked the tickets and with great care took Mr. Nayyar to Delhi. By that time, my elder daughter arrived in Delhi.

Mr. Nayyar's agony was silent. The doctors admitted him in the emergency room straightaway.He was dehydrated. His oral intake was nil. He was put on strong painkiller, a Fentanyl patch was given to relieve the pain.My review was due as well.Thankfully, they all came normal...

The 15 days we stayed in the hospital, we all were together. My son joined as well. Mr. Nayyar  began to vomit out undigested good. He thrived on saline , iv nutrients and painkillers. Nights were uncomfortable.He questioned his daughters , 'what position can I sleep in.?' Rohini would stay with him at nights in the hospital.She did not sleep for a second.She continuously monitored her dad and comforted him. The doctors ran various tests on him.A biopsy and FNAC of the nodules were reported.While the results were awaited, the doctors shared their doubts with us. They said, time is less.

My husband was very co-operative,he did not think that he is severely ill.He was happy that all his three children were with him. They were there , talking to him, massaging his feet, kissing  and hugging him.He still liked to dress up well.He asked me to get his kurta ironed.He was quietly observing everything.He did not want any visitors, probably, he did not want anyone to see him in such a pitiable stage.Even though he did not speak but he was concerned and inquired if we had eaten food, got enough sleep and made sure we reached our guest house before dark.We continued to hope against hope.

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