Saturday, 24 May 2014

At last.

My son in law and daughter in law arrived.They all loved my husband like a friend, a father. My husband's brother ,his daughter from Australia and his sister and brother from America also reached India.It was a tough moment for them to see him in this state.

My daughter,Rohini had taken complete charge of her papa's care. She looked after him like a newborn child.She nursed him through out.She encouraged him to cough out his sputum to clear his chest, gave him physiotherapy,massaged him and did not leave him for a second.

The doctors suggested home care treatment.We were advised that a jejunostomy might enable food to be given via tube through the stomach.This way,the iv feeding could stop and he could be ambulatory.The operation took  a few hours. It was successful.

During family counselling, the doctors revealed that when they opened up his stomach,multiple tumors were found in the intestine and they drained a substantial amount of ascitic fluid as well.They only wished that the iv fluid could discontinue gradually and he could gain strength through the jejunostomy tube. We were keeping our fingers crossed and hoped that we could give him the herbal medications now via the tube.

When Mr. Nayyar came to the ward, friends and relatives met him.We all talked normally .He did not speak but was happy to see everyone.His silence and resilience was profound.He allowed anything to be done on his body, it was difficult to find a vein for blood sample but he never complained,he broke into a warm smile, when he saw the doctors,he was bearing everything with  dignity.Sometimes,he asked for a pen and paper to write.

He wrote a beautiful wedding anniversary wish for our son and daughter-in-law. His handwriting was clear and legible.He did not watch the television. We.We wheeled him around the corridors with the oxygen cylinder but his blood pressure began to drop..He could see the sunset and the greenery.He was mentally alert and could recognize everyone.When we had visitors, he beckoned to us to serve them tea and biscuits.When his brother had to leave for the US,he asked us to call home and inquire.He wanted to send a gift for his nephew.

The next morning, his eyes rolled up and he almost collapsed. The ICU team rushed in and managed to get him back. The doctors gathered us in their cabin.My daughters and I refrained from the discussion.They explained the condition and the fatal end. Reha and Rohini held their father's hands.By 8 pm he asked everybody to leave.
At 11:35 pm on the   25th of  Feburary , he breathed his last.All of us were around him.His physical suffering had finally ended.He was one with God.

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