Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mr. Nayyar fights on.

Time passed by but Mr. Nayyar had no relief in his pain. His stomach would ache constantly and he would sit crouching on the chair. This led to postural problems and his back hurt as well. He could not lie down flat due to acid regurgitation . He had to fix a thick blanket , few pillows to support his back.He turned and tossed.  No position of lying down was comfortable.

His appetite had reduced markedly. He grew very bony. The recent reports were clear. We felt cancer was causing a psychological impact on him. My daughter , Reha and I were now with him. Reha would pamper her father and encourage him to eat. It was a very difficult task. Despite his reluctance, I continued to give him fresh fruit juice. He would finish it in hours. Mr. Nayyar felt very helpless and frustrated with his degrading health. We constantly encouraged him to eat. One day he got furious and said, 'I will die  of food and not without food.' We had started to get worried.

My daughter accompanied Mr Nayyar to the local oncologist. We were never in favour of giving pain killers to him. Only if the doctor allowed we would follow. The doctor prescribed few medicines and advised Mr. Nayyar to walk  and eat in small amounts.

Nothing seemed to help him. He consumed semi solid food . He bathed himself, got dressed , walked upto the bathroom himself. But he refused to stroll in the garden.We gave him massages, motivated him, but all in vain. He seemed to grow quiet. It was winters, and he would lie on the mat in the sun, almost the entire day.Reha and I were very distraught. We did not know how to comfort him. We were around him all the time. But we could do nothing to relieve him. We would think of ways of feeding him.His weight was falling .

He did not like to watch television now but music gave him some solace. My darling daughter Reha would sit with her papa till afternoon, trying to cheer him up.He barely spoke. He liked her around him.Our two dogs ,Reha and papa would be around by the time I returned from office in the afternoon.

Mr. Nayyar's chest looked congested.He had sleepless nights. The scans showed slight pleural effusion but not in a worrying stage. We would be up with him all night. I would give him steam, Reha ensured before sleeping that he had vaporub, honey, cloves etc around him.We just prayed to God to show mercy on Mr. Nayyar. He who never even though bad of anyone, overlooked faults and flaws in people and had a heart full of love and compassion had to bear such  misery.

                                              Always liked to dress up.

                                                     Driving to the hospital.

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