Saturday, 12 April 2014

Staying Positive.

As Mr. Nayyar's food intake wasn't great, one thing I was very strict about was a glass of homemade juice from vegetables and fruits that I ensured Mr. Nayyar had daily.I would buy the
produce for the juice for each week and assigned a separate fridge for storing it.Mr. Nayyar would enjoy peeling and cutting the fruits and vegetables every morning for the juice.He enjoyed sitting in the garden and watering the plants.The dogs would sit by his side and he would pat them with love.Mr. Nayyar loved the sunshine.He could spend the whole day in the garden basking in the sun.My children celebrated all occasions as they arrived to keep a happy positive atmosphere around M. Nayyar.Birthdays came by, festivals came by and we hoped that next year about this same time Mr. Nayyar would be completely fine.

My elder son  and daughter had to join back at work.By mid July my elder daughter returned to Australia and now it was just me, my younger daughter and Mr. Nayyar. My children had shown great unity and team work during this crisis.They looked after each other as well and took turns to make sure no one was overworked.My daughter-in-law and son-in-law deserve appreciation for supporting Rahul and Rohini while they were away from them for long periods.Mr. Nayyar was grateful to God and very proud to see his family strength.

In November we went back for our review.Mr. Nayyar underwent PET scan, ultrasound and gastrography.The scans came our normal but the gastrography revealed that the food moved very slowly through the Gastrointestinal system.It took 6 hours for a meal to move down to the large intestines.So again Mr. Nayyar was advised to take small frequent meals to minimize feeling of fullness.Mr. Nayyar was relieved from the reports and very happy that day and enjoyed his lunch at a popular restaurant on our way back to our room.We returned to Dehradun but Mr. Nayyar wasn't thriving.He continued to loose a little weight each month.month. Rohini and her husband Rahul gave us a pleasant surprise by joining us in India during Diwali.We celebrated Diwali with lights and sweets.My daughter Reha decorated the whole house with flowers and rangoli.Mr. Nayyar set up
the Puja area and performed the Devi Pujan like each year but this year he was fragile.He did not have the same endurance so he had to sit on a chair and take breathers while reciting the prayer.He choked with tears in between.A man who had done and hoped for only good of others was today feeling punished.He often said 'Almighty, why are you annoyed with me?Help me'. Mr. Nayyar and I  drove to pay our regards to our daughter's in-laws as it was her first Diwali home since her marriage.We kept our traditions alive.

Mr. Nayyar now weighed 63 Kgs.It was worrying us badly but we didn't want any negativity in Mr. Nayyar's mind.Mr. Nayyar was getting fed up from our constant nagging about his food intake.He started avoiding the scheduled diet that included milk, porridge and eggs.He mainly stayed on a glass of juice.We were in constant touch with his doctors in Delhi over the phone and consulted the oncologist locally as well.He underwent many scans but they didn't suggest any recurrence.But Mr. Nayyar continued to complain about the stomach pain.

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  1. Dearest Aunty,
    I shed a tear of sadness, but then at the same time breathe volumes of courage every time I read your post. You are an epitome of strength, inspiration, love and positivity. You all are, and continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers. Utmost love and regards.