Friday, 18 April 2014

Dimming Rays.

Every morning we would wake up with the hope that papa ( I also called Mr. Nayyar, papa at times) would be better today. After a painful night of coughing he would get some sleep in the morning.Something peculiar about his coughing episode would be that it would pick at around 11 at night and continue till 5 am in the morning. Throughout the day, there wouldn't be any cough. There was no phlegm, only dry cough mostly. We were showing local doctors who suggested Chest Xrays. But nothing was clear about his chest.

Mr.Nayyar loved his children dearly. He was not only their father but a great friend. My daughters would pour their hearts to him . He loved his son and narrated stories when Rahul was born people came from far off to see the beautiful baby.He was completely involved in their childhood, growing years, sending them abroad  for their higher education.He was known by our children's friends as well. They looked upto him. He had a magnetic personality.

Now, he seemed to be emotionally detached  from all of us. He would listen to our conversation but did not participate much.We felt he is fed up of Reha and my constant egging to eat food. Our very sweet neighbor, offered to  give him company, cook something for a change for him. Even this did not work out for long.He took few sips of water when his throat got dried up. But he was always in discomfort.

Health deteriorated rapidly. His main intake was only juice in the morning. He  did not have enough strength to stand in the washroom. We gave him a chair, he would shave himself sitting on the chair.He showered and dressed up by himself.

Our day and night was with him. He did not sleep at night and we were aside him.


                                                   In his thoughts....

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