Monday, 28 April 2014

The Cancer Returns.

My daughter . Reha cared for her papa just like a newborn baby.All the time she would say, Papa I love you. Papa, you will be just fine, we all love you a lot. She requested him,Papa please eat something.All by herself she would take her dad to the doctors. But nothing was helping.

When we pushed him to eat or drink, he would take to appease us but after 1 -2 hours he would vomit everything.The nights continued to be tough.From 11 pm to about 5 am , we would be up with him, giving him home remedies, steam inhalation etc. After a tiresome night he could sleep for few hours in the morning. Then the abdominal pain and back ache bothered him.

He started to get annoyed with me and Reha. We were always working on what to cook for him. At times he would taste it, but mostly, it was kept untouched. My elder son  and daughter would skype or call us everyday. They were yearning to come to Doon. We kept on refusing them. They were physically abroad but their hearts were to be with us. Rohini had got her tickets booked for January.
My daughter Reha and I hoped and prayed for  a better morning. Reha, served her father with great love and emotion. She was always by his side.

Things continued the same way. Within a week  in January ,we noticed cutaneous hard eruptions on Mr. Nayyar's forehead , randomly spread over the face, throat and nape of the neck. We showed the doctors locally in Dun. The doctor's suspected secondaries. Mr. Nayyar's  health was failing miserably.No relief in pain. Few medications were prescribed. A FNAC  was performed on the nodules.Reports  turned out to be negative. The doctors doubted the reports. They wanted to repeat it.

Somehow Mr. Nayyar was not keen. May be he wanted to remain in denial that the cancer has returned.The doctors did not force.Once he was outside, the doctors asked Reha to step in and made it clear if the cancer has returned, we won't be able to do much about it.

My brave girl, drank her tears and accompanied her papa home with a smile. Her dad was weak and in pain. As the driver rode, he crouched inside the car,settled his legs on Reha's lap and closed his eyes listening to Sai Bhajan.

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